When it comes to watching Tv Shows and movies I'm not one of the keenest observer.I'm playing with multiple things at a time.When we talk about Season 1 of Mr. Robot (TV Series) I was quite thrilled about it and tried to do some simple hacks (all in vain) but I understood the story and everything maybe because I almost binge watched it and my most favourite part was the ending speech of Mr.robot especially the line which I can't dictate word-to-word but it goes something like "Everything in our lives surround digits" and when I thought about it seriously (even though I'm not a believer that even there's a feeling of being serious) it shocked me.When we talk about Season 2 I until the last episode had a very blurry image of what was going and I'm planning to binge watch it but it turned out to be a great season as the first one even though a little too deep for me to understand but I would very much like to thank producer Esmail Malek for bringing us this awesome show and hope there would be shows like this in future which can talk about reality in a bold way as this one did.

MonsterousMan (talk) 17:12, September 22, 2016 (UTC)

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