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It doesn't take more than a second to realize that I am not an expert on the layout of New York in any sense. It seems like Fsociety has that covered; However, I am concerned about assigning exact addresses to these fictional places without an in-universe confirmation. It wouldn't be the first time that filming took place in one location, even though it was meant to be passed off as another.

Vancouver becomes Caprica.
Chicago becomes Gotham.
And blue screens becomes Star Wars.

Now those aren't exactly analogous to this situation since filming happened in New York, and the show is in New York, but you can see my point, right? Something as specific as an address should not, in my opinion, be assigned to a fictional place without confirmation in-universe.

A more appropriate place would be in a "Behind the Scenes" section. I think that a mention there would be more than adequate.

Leave your opinion.

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