Season 2 opens 30 days after the hack, now known as the five/nine hack. The season will explore the repercussions of the hack, and the "illusion of control", as Elliot and fsociety come to grips with the consequences of their actions. Season 2 will also explore the Internet of Things, small personal, home and automotive devices that are connected to the internet.

# Episode Writer Director Air Date

Sam Esmail Sam Esmail July 13, 2016
202 eps2.1_k3rnel-pan1c.ksdSam Esmail July 20, 2016
203 eps2.2_init1.asecSam Esmail July 27, 2016
204 eps2.3_logic_b0mb.hcSam Esmail August 3, 2016
205 eps2.4_m4ster_s1ave.aesKyle Bradstreet August 10, 2016
206 eps2.5_h4ndshake.smeAdam Penn August 17, 2016
207 eps2.6_succ3ss0r.p12Courtney Looney August 24, 2016
208 eps2.7_init5.fveKyle Bradstreet & Lucy Teitler August 31, 2016
209 eps2.8_h1dden_pr0cess.axxLor Adana & Randolph Leon September 7, 2016
210 eps2.9_pyth0n_pt1.p7zSam Esmail September 14, 2016
211 eps2.9_pyth0n_pt2.p7zSam Esmail September 21, 2016

File extensions used in Season 2 are file security extensions.

Main Cast

Recurring Cast

The Hackers

season_1.0Mr. Robot dec0d3d.docseason_2.0Hacking Robotseason_3.0

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