• Asuna9


    October 23, 2017 by Asuna9
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  • MonsterousMan

    Mr.Robot and Me

    September 22, 2016 by MonsterousMan

    When it comes to watching Tv Shows and movies I'm not one of the keenest observer.I'm playing with multiple things at a time.When we talk about Season 1 of Mr. Robot (TV Series) I was quite thrilled about it and tried to do some simple hacks (all in vain) but I understood the story and everything maybe because I almost binge watched it and my most favourite part was the ending speech of Mr.robot especially the line which I can't dictate word-to-word but it goes something like "Everything in our lives surround digits" and when I thought about it seriously (even though I'm not a believer that even there's a feeling of being serious) it shocked me.When we talk about Season 2 I until the last episode had a very blurry image of what was going a…

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  • LeverageGuru

    Mr. Robot has always had a "Twin Peaks" quality that invites theorizing about the underlying meaning of what's on the screen, gleefully fostered by its writing and production team. But the second season premiere turned that all up to 11. Less than a week after the premiere of Season 2, theories abound regarding where Elliot actually is, and how much of his world is real. Lead by the gang on the Mr. Robot subreddit, analyzed by any number of tech or TV sites like The Verge and Vulture, and spread across social media like wildfire, these theories are the hot topic of the moment. But do they hold water?

    Well, yes, but based on one flawed assumption. More about that later. Let's look at what's out there first.

    Various discussions and sites…

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  • XD1
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  • LeverageGuru

    Mr. Robot Marathon

    December 30, 2015 by LeverageGuru

    Hello, Mr. Robot Wiki members!

    For those of you in the U.S., the USA Network will be hosting a 24 hour marathon of Mr. Robot beginning tonight, December 29 at 11:00 pm Pacific (and presumably Eastern) time. The first run will begin with back-to-back broadcasts of the pilot (the second airing begins at 12:04 am) followed by the remainder of the season. The second run will begin at 11:42 am Wednesday morning. For the full schedule, go to:

    The marathon will include comments by Sam Esmail and the main cast. From the preview it appears all the main cast except Christian Slater will be participating. We will have a dedicated discussion thread for the marathon, to discuss the cast comments on …

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  • Effectofthemassvariety

    It doesn't take more than a second to realize that I am not an expert on the layout of New York in any sense. It seems like Fsociety has that covered; However, I am concerned about assigning exact addresses to these fictional places without an in-universe confirmation. It wouldn't be the first time that filming took place in one location, even though it was meant to be passed off as another.

    Vancouver becomes Caprica.
    Chicago becomes Gotham.
    And blue screens becomes Star Wars.

    Now those aren't exactly analogous to this situation since filming happened in New York, and the show is in New York, but you can see my point, right? Something as specific as an address should not, in my opinion, be assigned to a fictional place without confirmation in-…

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